Joel Salmon - Data Analyst and Product Development Leader

Joel Salmon

A thought leader in the field of product development and software as a service (SaaS), Joel Salmon has more than a decade of experience working with big data and technology. Most recently, he served as an analyst with Renaissance Management, Inc., in New York City. In this role, Joel Salmon analyzed data gathered through comprehensive telephone and online research and delivered presentations to major clients such as Ivy League universities.

Joel Salmon earned his bachelor's degree from George Washington University before going on to receive certification as a professional manager from the American Management Association. Prior to his work with Renaissance Management, he held a number of leadership roles with prominent technology and business consulting firms, including serving as a senior partner with the BLS Group and as technology product manager for Delos, LLC.

Outside of his professional life, Mr. Salmon stays up to date with the latest developments in the fields of technology, SaaS, and renewable energy. He also enjoys a diverse range of hobbies, including transcendental meditation, basketball, and investing.